Our Story


Getting Started

Furrow (formerly Tulip) began in the fall of  2014 when Gabi Rae decided to make a centerpiece for Thanksgiving. Discovering a new passion, Gabi spent the following years hustling, and honing the craft.

Getting Serious

Since those first spontaneous centerpieces Furrow has grown into a passionate team dedicated to bringing unique designs to the masses. High standards have gained them recognition among peers.  We've been featured on top wedding and event publications and worked with industry-leading agencies. We even got to do the flowers for Kobe Bryant's retirement party—a historic day! 

“She was so sweet and responsive via email, and even more so when we met in person. Don’t let her young, bubbly personality fool you, she is incredibly organized, professional, and swift with all of the floral preparations. Her designs are so gorgeous, I don’t think she’s capable of producing anything less than stunning.”
— Kristine & Mark

What's a Furrow?

Great question! A "furrow" is the trench seeds are planted in. Digging one is the first step to growing something good... and like all things, the first step is the most important. 


Furrow has been featured by top companies including: